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Z-Coil® Technology

Freedom 2000Built Differently -  To Treat You Better
Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear™

Common medical conditions that Z-Coil customers suffer from and have reported a decrease in pain or complete resolution of pain since wearing Z-Coils.
Foot Pain
-plantar fasciitis
-heel spurs
-Achilles’ tendonitis
-hammer toes
-flat feet
-arthritic/joint pain
Leg Pain
-knee pain
-calf pain
-muscle weakness/fatigue
-hip pain
-pain after knee or hip replacement
Back pain
-upper & lower back pain
-pain after back surgery
-degenerative disc disease
Built-in Orthotic

  1. Better fit: The Z-Orthotic cradles each foot's curve for equal pressure distribution.

  2. Better stability.

  3. Most important: reduces your chances of getting heel spurs or plantar fasciitis (pain in mid-foot).
Total Foot Support

Adjustable Coil
for Over-Pronation
and Supination

Extra Forefoot Cushioning

Spring Suspension System

The Z-CoiL Spring is the primary factor in reducing skeletal pain and absorbing shock.
Flex Line

Your foot should only bend in one area — the ball of the foot. Z-CoiLs assist this natural flexing point with a permanent flex line.
The Shocking Truth

  • Walking Impact = 2 to 3 times your body weight
  • Running Impact = 3 to 5 times your body weight

  • Excessive impact is a major cause of foot, leg, and back pain.
    Each step is a collision that sends shockwaves up your body.

    Z-CoiLs reduce impact!

    Here is how:

  • Four times more cushioning than any regular shoe.
  • Over 1 inch of heel cushioning (26 mm).
       - The steel coil is extremely "active" and counteracts all ground forces at lightning speed.
  • Over ¾ inch of forefoot cushioning (20 mm).
       - Neoprene based rubber is incredibly soft and stays resilient over time.

  • Shock Absorption - Reduces the impact by 50%
    Z-CoiLs provide much greater shock reduction and better pressure distribution, when compared to conventional shoes.

    Rigid Support | The key to preventing foot pain.

    Lack of forefoot cushioning can cause fractured metatarsal bones. Achilles tendon can become sore or can tear with a lack of cushioning.
    Helps heel spurs, achilles tendon, plantar facitis and more!
    These two plantar ligaments can be stretched, bruised, or torn if there is poor mid-foot support. Heel spurs, caused by the plantar ligaments pulling away from the heel bone, are a result of poor support.

      Rigid Orthotic
    Chances are you will experience foot pain several times during your life. This pain is often caused by plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. A rigid platform under your mid-foot and heel can prevent this.

    The rigid Z-Orthotic prevents the plantar ligament from stretching, which causes mid-foot pain or plantar fasciitis. It also prevents the plantar ligament from detaching from the heel bone, the sole cause of heel spurs and the cause of most heel pain.

    Rigid Support: The key to preventing foot pain.


    Z-CoiL Footwear: engineered around a rigid orthotic:

  • ¾ length: extends from the heel to the metatarsal heads
  • Injection molded for:
         - Tremendous strength
         - Anatomical contouring for an amazing fit
         - Weight reduction

    Why rigid support?
    The plantar ligaments in your foot are
    prone to stretching and irritation that
    cause heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
    (mid-foot pain), when your arch is left



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